Trump spokeswoman: Obama team left evil messages in the White House

Did the team of former US President Barack Obama leave spiteful messages for successor Donald Trump in the White House? That's what Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham has now claimed – and provoked not only a decisive denial from the Obama camp, but also mocking reactions on the Internet.


CNN journalist Abby Philipp quoted Grisham on Tuesday as saying that when the Trump team moved into the White House, they found Obama's books in "every office," along with pieces of paper saying, "You'll fail." or "you will not succeed".


The Obama administration lawyer, Daniel Jacobson, responded promptly, "This is a complete and total lie," he wrote on Twitter. The opposite is true: the Democrat team has left briefing books to be as helpful as possible in handing over office to the Republican.


Jon Wolfsthal, who worked under Obama in the National Security Council, spoke of a "monstrous lie" Grisham. The "shameless" Trump spokeswoman must be fired.


On the other hand, many Internet users were amused. The announcement "You will fail" has finally come true in the face of Trump's policy.


Spokeswoman does not want to mean all that anymore


Grisham himself later qualified her complaint: "I do not know why everyone is so sensitive!", Said the Trump spokeswoman for the news agency AFP. She did not want to say that there were such messages in every office. She only spoke about a specific press office.


For her, by the way, a kind message was left, Grisham added. The whole thing was then probably a kind of "joke" as he was usual in staff changes in the White House.


In fact, such gags seem to have happened in the past. Legends are entwined above all with the team of former President Bill Clinton. His people are said to have removed the "W" from all computer keyboards in the White House before successor George W. Bush moved into the powerhouse.

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