Shots at US high school: At least two teenagers killed

In a California school, a 16-year-old teenager has allegedly shot people with a gun. At least two teenagers were killed and several others injured. The authorities said that a 16-year-old student and a 14-year-old student were hospitalized for their serious injuries. The police arrested the alleged gunman who tried to commit suicide.


According to the authorities, six people were hospitalized, including the alleged gunman, at the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles. He should have shot himself according to previous findings in the head and have incurred serious injuries. According to media reports, his condition was "serious." Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the suspect was "in custody" and being treated in a hospital.


According to previous findings opened the shooter on Thursday morning (local time) the fire in the schoolyard. Subsequently, he is said to have fled the Villanueva and later identified by police officers among the injured with the help of testimonies and video surveillance cameras as the alleged perpetrators.


Police spokesman Bob Boese said the school campus was "systematically" searched – officials discovered a gun. Aerial photos of NBC showed students being led out of the school by police and taken to a nearby church. During the mission, the forces called on the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods not to leave their homes. Santa Clarita is approximately 60 kilometers from Los Angeles.


Captain Kent Wegener, of the Los Angeles District Sheriff's Office, said the gunman had used a semi-automatic pistol that no longer had cartridges after the bloody murder.


Almost at the same time, a Senate meeting was held in Washington to tighten up the US Weapons Law. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal received a note during the debate. "At that very moment, there's a shootout in Santa Clarita, California," Blumenthal said, appealing to the US government in the face of the incident. "We are complicit if we do not act – it's not just a political responsibility – it's a moral imperative," he said.

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