Iran Reports Drone Launch at the Persian Gulf

Iran has reportedly shot down a foreign drone.


The debris has been seized and is now under investigation, Governor of Chusestan Province said to the state news agency Irna. The unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down early in the morning over the port town of Mahschahr, Governor Gholam-Resa Schariati said.



Whether it was a military or civilian drone and from which country it might come was not known. Israel, archenemy Iran, did not want to comment on the incident. "We do not comment on reports from foreign media," said a military spokesman. Also, a statement from the US was not available at first.


There are several petrochemical plants in Mahshahr and the port city is therefore one of the most strategically important places in the country.


At the end of June, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards shot down a US reconnaissance drone over the Strait of Hormuz. A US retaliatory attack was stopped only at the last minute by US President Donald Trump. In July, the US announced that it had destroyed an Iranian drone. Iran, however, denied missing a drone.

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