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The Story to Donnybrook Trailer – Below The Belt:
Ex-Marine, Jarhead's Earl (Jamie Bell) is ready to do anything to give his family a better life enable. The psychopathic Crystal Meth dealer, Chainsaw 'Angus (Frank Grillo) leaves a trail of death wherever he appears. And his mysterious sister Delia (Margaret Qualley) has nothing left to lose. The paths of these three people intersect at the annual, illegal Bare Knuckle Fight Donnybrook. Its winner will receive $ 100,000 in prize money and a better life. And on the loser of death.

Jamie Bell, Margaret Qualley, James Badge Dale, Chris Browning, James Landry Hébert, Adam Bartley, Valerie Jane Parker, Christine Dye, Dari Tiller, Rajiim A. Gross, Kevin Crowley, Alison Shevette, Robert Gerding, John French, Chris Storck, Andi Gudgeon, Rodger Masts

Tim Sutton

David Atlan Jackson, David Lancaster, Jon Shiffman, Joel Thibout, Stephanie Wilcox

Tim Sutton, Frank Bill

Film Music:
Phil Mossman, Jens Bjørnkjær, Craig Mann, Reid Rice, Zach Mueller



Dara Tiller
Frank Grillo Chainsaw Angus
Jamie Bell Jarhead Earl
Margaret Qualley Delia Angus
James Badge Dale Whalen
Chris Browning McGill
James Landry Hébert Poe
Adam Bartley [Dale
Valerie Jane Parker Sarah Dawn

Tammy Earl
Rajiim A. Gross Camper / Reveler
Alonda Shevette Sex Worker
Robert Gerding Factory Worker
John French Police Photographer
Chris Storck Donnybrook Attendee
Andi Gudgeon Sex Worker
Rodger masts Campers

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