30 years fall of the Berlin Wall: Ralph Brinkhaus admits mistakes, SPD attacks AfD

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus has acknowledged mistakes in shaping German unity. People have talked a lot about money, but not seen the breaks in the biographies of people in East Germany, "who had to reinvent themselves completely," said the CDU politician. "That was really the big mistake of this reunion."


The Bundestag paid tribute in a debate to the peaceful revolution of 1989 and the demolition of the wall by the citizens of the GDR. Deputy leader of the AfD faction Tino Chrupalla caused outrage when he declared that Germany would be divided again today by an "anti-German dividing wall". He attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) by stating that he did not understand how she felt so little compassion and love for the people she ruled.


 Katrin Budde (SPD): Who says "Wende", "is in the tradition of Egon Krenz" "/> <span class=

Jörg Carstensen / dpa / picture alliance

Katrin Budde (SPD): Who says "Wende", "is in the tradition of Egon Krenz"


The Magdeburg SPD member Katrin Budde rejected the term "turnaround" for the events of that time. This comes from Egon Krenz, who succeeded Erich Honecker as State Council Chairman and SED Secretary General.


"Anyone who spends this slogan today is not in the tradition of the peaceful revolution, it is in the tradition of Egon Krenz," Budde said in reference to the AfD. The latter had just campaigned in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia with their slogan "Vollendet die Wende" with their leading candidates, most of them from West Germany.

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