Weather week in quick check: October is still a bit golden




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<p class= In the coming week Schauer will release the "golden October".

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The "golden October" continues at the beginning of the new week: It remains unusually warm at first. But then the weather becomes more volatile. The temperatures cool down and bring a shower. At the weekend, it can be friendly again.


The past few days have helped the often cool October quite a bit, so that we will have balanced conditions by the middle of the month at the latest. For the time being, it remains above average warm. At the beginning of the week in the southern current, it is even again with late summer peaks of up to 26 degrees.

Only at midweek does the turn turn and the western winds gradually become more dominant and at the same time bring more chill with the weather change. However, at the moment it does not look like days of continuous rain, but rather of changeable weather. And that is well known to have beautiful phases too. The driest corner is likely to remain the east. From Saxony-Anhalt via Brandenburg to Vorpommern, there is hardly any rain in sight.

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The evolution to the weekend is The temperatures are then quite normal, which means in this case at mostly 13 to 18 degrees Celsius with single-digit fresh nights, but the weather computers are currently seeing a more pronounced cold air advance at the earliest at the beginning of the following week Of course, this is still a very long time and the uncertainties are correspondingly high.We know more exactly the prospects for the next few days.Here the timetable for the new weather week.


With early ages between 10 and 15 degrees it is very mild as well with local fog fields going on. Above all, the southern half gets to Nebelaus dissolution but pretty much from the "golden October" from. Even otherwise, the sun often shows up later. Previously, there are preferably in the northwest more compact clouds with some thundery rain. The temperatures: It stays very warm with 14 to 17 degrees on the coast and 19 to 26 degrees in the large rest; the warmest will be in Breisgau.


After a mild start again, it is partly very sunny, but partly foggy. Later, showers and individual thunderstorms spread in the western half. In a streak from Bavaria to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern still dominates the October of the golden kind. To reach the values ​​spread again over 20 degrees. On the other hand, the Eifel is fresher at just 17 degrees. Meanwhile, the hotspot continues to move and lies at a maximum of 25 degrees in the southeastern parts of the country.


The first major uncertainties creep into the weather models. The overall picture, however, is clear: It is unstable with showers and a noticeable cooling. 13 degrees on the edge of the Alps and just under 20 degrees in the Lausitz. Thus the late summer is temperature technically passé. However, we are still slightly above the normal levels for mid-October.


In the south, after the dissolution of the mist, it continues mostly sunny. In the rest of the country, however, it remains changeable with a few showers. In addition the temperatures reach 14 degrees at the Erzgebirge and up to 20 degrees at the upper Rhine.


Sun and clouds alternate, showers are presumably possible especially in the western half , Temperatures change only slightly with 14 degrees in the low mountain ranges and up to 20 degrees near the ore.

At the weekend

From today's point of view, Saturday will be kinder and warmer day with 12 to 18 degrees and showers. On Sunday could be spread from the southwest new, sometimes heavy rain. When that happens, the temperatures also go back a bit, at a maximum of 11 to 17 degrees.

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