"We do this for our children": 70 people arrested in climate protests




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In Berlin, London and Amsterdam, activists of the Extinction group demonstrate rebellion and block several streets. The police capture around 50 people in Amsterdam alone. However, more than twice as many officials put in another city – including an 81-year-old.


The environmental movement Extinction Rebellion launched protests in several European cities. The movement wants to draw attention to the impending climate catastrophe with the worldwide demonstrations. Activists blocked the Great Star in Berlin, a central intersection in the west of the city, where five multi-lane roads meet and built an ark at the Victory Column. The wooden boat is supposed to remind of species extinction. Captain Carola Rackete, known as a maritime rescuer, had also given a speech. The protest was peaceful, said the police. There was talk of about 1000 people on site, the organizers estimated about 1200.

The Amsterdam police provisionally arrested about 50 demonstrators. The demonstrators were initially asked to leave the street. The demonstrators had blocked an important thoroughfare at the Amsterdam Museum in the early morning and set up dozens of small tents. According to the media, however, the police operation was peaceful.

With "civil disobedience" the government should be forced to do more for climate protection, said a spokesman for the demonstrators on the Dutch radio. The mostly young people sang songs and carried banners with inscriptions like "There is no Planet B" or "Be honest!" The city had banned the protest action at this point. When the demonstrators blocked the road, the police locked the streets around the museum to stop the influx of protesters. "Police – we love you," shouted the demonstrators. "We do this for our children."

81-year-old social worker arrested in London

Only hours after the start of the climate protest, at least 135 people have been arrested in London. Among them was an 81-year-old, former social worker from Oxford. Already in April, more than 1,100 supporters of the movement had been arrested in the British capital during the largely peaceful demonstrations. In the Westminster government district, a bridge and several roads were temporarily occupied.

The climate activists in Germany are bumping into the federal government's climate package, which aims to achieve CO2 savings of 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 , Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the opening of a climate exhibition in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, the Climate Protection Act anchored reliable, transparent and verifiable monitoring of compliance with the annual upper limits for CO2 emissions set for the individual sectors. "That's supposed to happen on Wednesday," said Merkel. The Federal Government is working on it.

Among other things, environmentalists are calling for a reduction in CO2 emissions and want to draw attention to climate change for a week. Actions were planned not only in Europe but also in Australia.

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