"We are Realists": Campino ponders the end of the dead trousers




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<p class= "To the bitter end": For Tote-Hosen-singer Campino now a "scary" idea.

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"And the years are coming to the country, and we are still drinking without reason …", it says in the song "To the bitter end" of the Toten Hosen. But the end of the band is now an issue. Singer Campino tries a football match.


According to singer Campino, the end of his band Die Toten Hosen may be foreseeable. "The term 'to the bitter end', of course, over time becomes more and more scary, but we are realists.The end must not be now in infinite distance," said the 57-year-old of the "Augsburger Allgemeine."

"Compared to a football game, we may be in the 82nd minute," said the avowed fan of Fortuna Dusseldorf and Liverpool FC. "But we lead 3-1 – so we can quietly push the ball back and forth," added Campino. "But we would like it, if our friends point out to us, when it slowly becomes embarrassing."

The singer emphasized, however, in the same breath: "We can still keep up, we can see that at the festivals Where we have to compete with other, even younger groups – as long as we are still so popular, we have the feeling that we are still lying correctly. So there are no signs of fatigue. " The Toten Hosen gave their first concert in 1982 and are today among the world's most successful German rock exports.

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