Rock Hard – TWISTED SISTER: "Stay Hungry" coin available for the 35th Anniversary


22.10.2019, 14:42

TWISTED SISTER present you their limited edition anniversary coin for the album "Stay Hungry".

Founded in 1972, the hard-rock band TWISTED SISTER presents a limited edition of the "Stay Hungry" coin for the 35th anniversary of their 1984 record. The coin is now available for a limited time only.

TWISTED SISTER will meet again for two days and nights next month to celebrate the Stay Hungry anniversary. On this occasion, Dee Snider (v.), Jay Jay French (g.), Eddie Ojeda (g.) And Mark "The Animal" Mendoza (b.) Will be together again at the Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Tampa, Florida. The limited edition commemorative coin for "Stay Hungry" will be available during this show.

In an interview with SiriusXM in 2018, singer Dee Snider said "It was absolutely the right decision three years ago I mean, I love the guys, we're all friends, and we parted on the good side – honestly, today I can not do what I did at the last TWISTED SISTER show – physically. "

In September of this year, Snider also announced that he could take a break in the stage of indefinite length to focus on other projects:" I work on my novel, I have some movies in production, TV shows, stuff like that I have to take care of family situations. "


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