Rock Hard – ORDEN OGAN: Steven Wussow confirmed as new bassist


16.10.2019, 10:09

ORDEN OGAN welcomes Steven Wussow (XANDRIA) as new bassist in their ranks.

As singer / guitarist Seeb Levermann suffered a hand injury last summer, bassist Niels Löffler took over the guitar for him on stage. This constellation wants to retain the band and therefore needed a new woofer:

"Somehow we liked (and you!) This constellation (and newly gained freedom of movement) so well that we think after the first shows, it would be Maybe your feedback and the rest of the shows from Tokyo to Atlanta have strengthened and consolidated that feeling, but without the bassman there is not much at all when a band meeting raised the question of who that position Each (!) ORDEN OGAN member said independently: 'Yes, Steven, or ?!' – and that's why we make it official here: ORDEN OGAN now up to five, Steven Wussow (XANDRIA) now an integral part of the band !! Do it like us and say: Welcome to the Order! "


Alexandra Michels

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