Rock Hard – ALCEST: "Spiritual Instinct" trailer for songwriting and recording process released


15.10.2019, 15:09

ALCEST bandleader Neige talks in a new trailer about the recordings of the new album with Benoit Roux and about the difficulties that sometimes arise in songwriting.

On October 25, the duo of Neige (v./g./b./synth) and Winterhalter (dr.) Release their new record on Nuclear Blast. "Spiritual Instinct" was recorded in the French Drudenhaus studios. Also live you can experience ALCEST with the new material soon:

09.02.20 Munich – Technikum
10.02.20 Kön – Kantine
11.02.20 Hamburg – Gruenspan
12.02.20 Leipzig – Taubchenthal
13.02.20 Berlin – homeport
14.02.20 Hannover – Capitol
22.02.20 AT-Vienna – Scene
01.03.20 CH-Lucerne-Schüür
02.03.20 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann


Alexandra Michels

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