Rieke's rearview mirror on October 10, 2019



                        Rieke's rearview mirror on 10.10.2019

                     How the Uhu Knights Bred Off



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<p class= Joy under the eyes of the eagle: Chancellor "Bright Frog" holds a speech in 2015 in front of the "Schlaraffia Suerina" in Schwerin.

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Men in brightly colored robes and a eagle owl as a heraldic animal: 160 years ago, the birth of the "Schlaraffia" – an alliance dedicated to cheerfulness – struck Prague.


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<p> <em> Did you know that … </em> is a drain on one 160 years ago <strong> led to the founding of a satirical alliance of men on October 10, 1856. The artist's association "Arcadia" rejected a pupil of the theater director Franz Thomé, who defiantly founded a new club – the <strong> "Schlaraffia" </strong> was born. </p>
<p> That was in year 1 of the Uhus, so Uhui, all right? Well, the eagle owl is the heraldic animal and leader of the "Schlaraffia" and it even has Their own chronology and language They notice: The Schlaraffen, who distance themselves from student associations, elite clubs and other fraternities, are not too serious They have goals: True to the motto "In art lies pleasure" they focus on the care of art, friendship and humor. In the spirit of the Uhus, which stands for, among other things, wisdom and humor. </p>
<p> Meanwhile, the "Schlaraffia" has everywhere in the world – the Uhuversum – local associations, so-called Reyche. The gatherings of the knights are somewhere between the Middle Ages meeting and carnival meeting to locate – this impression could flourish when looking at the curious garments of the members and is particularly urgent when the greeting "Lulu" can be heard. </p>
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