Obsessive-compulsive disorder: When Macke becomes Disease

SPIEGEL: Mr. Wittkamp, ​​so far you have been known as a successful joke writer – now write about your severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. Why are you doing this in public?

Wittkamp: Writing the book was fun. But now after the release, I realize, that's a real coming-out. Theoretically everyone in Germany now knows that I have a obsessive-compulsive disorder. That's a blatant thing. For years, I've used so much energy to cover up my glitches. There is a reason that most people are hiding this disease. It's embarrassing what I did.

SPIEGEL: Much of what you describe in the book is more funny than embarrassing.

Wittkamp: Of course, these are the funny stories that people like to tell. If I recall how I ruined the men of the Kölner Stadtwerke the World Cup quarter-final 2014, because I thought that it smells of gas in the office building: The only had to move out because of me, just before the decisive

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