No Good Deal: What Harvey Weinstein wanted from Aniston




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There has been a lot of talk about Harvey Weinstein. And the more that came out about the machinations of the film mogul, the clearer it became that in Hollywood hardly anyone could have remained completely unmolested by his nature. Jennifer Aniston, too, has her experience with Weinstein.


Harvey Weinstein is not someone you want to be around. He has abused and exploited women, and otherwise the film producer has not noticed by exemplary behavior. All this is known today. Long before Weinstein became a persona non grata in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston also experienced him as unfriendly. The actress now reported how he dealt with her in 2005.

Aniston had been in front of the camera with Clive Owen and Vincent Cassel for the film "Derailed". Weinstein's company has produced the strip. Apparently the film mogul felt entitled to co-decide on Aniston's outfits. He urged the Schaupsielerin to wear a dress of the label of his then wife Georgina Chapman.

"At that time it just started with Georgina's fashion label," Aniston told the US industry journal "Variety". Weinstein visited her during the shooting in London. "He said, 'Okay, I want you to wear one of those dresses for the premiere,'" Aniston said. She had then flipped through the designs and decided that none of them fit in with her. The label Marchesa at that time was not yet what it is today.

"Self-righteous and swine"

Weinstein did not want to accept a no. He insisted: "You have to wear this dress!" But she refused. "What should he do?" Aniston recalled. She had not had any worse experiences with Weinstein, but she had also experienced him in other situations as "disgustingly self-righteous and harsh."

Aniston does not seem to be one that can easily be talked into. She recently revealed to US radio host Howard Stern that she had been offered a job on the legendary US comedy show "Saturday Night Live" before she became famous with the sitcom "Friends." She refused, however. It was a "boys club," Aniston said. "I was sure I would not like the environment."

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