New details on assassins: Stephan B. had financial supporters




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<p class= Stephan B. states that he acted alone. A stranger supported him financially.

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Stephan B. wants to have acted completely alone in the assassination in Halle. A media report now announces that a stranger should have helped the offender financially. Also on the weapon B. was evidently trained – by the Bundeswehr.


After the assassin von Halle made a comprehensive confession, new details from his statement became known. Stephan B. should have explained to the investigating judge of the Federal Court that he acted completely alone, reports the "mirror". He also made his own weapons, simply and for little money. However, once he received money from an unknown person, reports the magazine. He communicated with the person on the Internet and received 0.1 Bitcoin from them – currently around 750 Euro.

B. had on Wednesday first tried to gain access to a synagogue in Halle by force of arms. When he did not succeed, he shot a passerby and a man in a doner kebab. As the lawyer of Stephan B. told the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) said, the act was "gone wrong" in his view. The direction was different; the victims who gave it were not intended. According to a report by Der Spiegel, B. stated to the judge according to his defense counsel: "I have killed people I did not want to meet." In the words of his lawyer, he regrets this and hopes that the seriously injured persons he shot during his escape will survive.

The defender told SWR that his client Stephan B. was intelligent, eloquent but socially isolated. The trigger of the bloody act he sees in his penchant for conspiracy theories. "In his world view, it is just that he makes others responsible for his own misery," said Hans-Dieter Weber the SWR. For example, there are forces at work that work in secret, but are very influential and could influence politics.

Meanwhile, the Bundeswehr is also conducting internal investigations into the assassin, as the "Spiegel" reports. B. is said to have completed his military service eight years ago in the Bundeswehr and have been trained in various weapons – including the assault rifle G36. The file of the assassin, however, should be inconspicuous and reveal no evidence of his right-wing extremism. Previously it had become known that B. confirmed in his confession a right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic motive.

Report: Acts prepared for months

B. will take his pre-trial detention in the prison in Halle. That said a spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe on request. A helicopter with the abuser on board therefore started in the afternoon in Karlsruhe direction Halle. In Karlsruhe, the 27-year-old was presented on Thursday evening, the magistrate of the Federal Court, issued the arrest warrant. He charges him with double murder and seven times attempted murder. According to the investigators, he wanted to cause a massacre in the attack on Wednesday and instigate imitators for similar acts.

According to security authorities, B. had four firearms and several explosive devices in his attack on the synagogue. Investigators found a 3D printer in the suspect's home, which underpinned the suspicion that he had made his own weapons. According to "Spiegel" information, the investigators also secured a hard drive.

As "Zeit Online" reported, B. prepared his actions at least since early summer. The preliminary analysis of the money movements of his savings bank account revealed that he bought parts of the accessories for his weapons on the Internet and paid through his PayPal account. Among other things, he is said to have purchased material for a 3D printer in May. In July, he therefore concluded the contract for the cell phone, with which he filmed his actions. In a room of the 27-year-old several pieces of paper were found with the inscription "Rivets". The authorities suspect that B. had expected the searches and wanted to mock the police.

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