i-Kfz now possible: How motor vehicle registration works in the network




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<p class= From October 1, vehicle owners will have the option of off-loading, changing-in, and log-off of cars and motorcycles.

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Re-authorizing a vehicle means in many places: pulling a number and staying in the waiting room of the authorities for a long time. With the new Internet approval, which is now possible, everything should be better.


From now on, car owners can do the first registration of their car or the change to a new owner online. It is the third level of Internet-based vehicle registration, called i-car. However, as simple as this new approval process sounds, it is not. What is needed and how does it work is explained by the example of a new vehicle being registered for the first time:

First, an ID card with online identification function is required, as well as a reader or smartphone with NFC chip for wireless transmission of data. In the online portal of the responsible authority one identifies oneself with the identity card with PIN and card reader or via Smartphone and the AusweisApp 2.

Afterwards the security code must be uncovered with the registration certificate part II (vehicle letter). All the necessary data such as vehicle identification number (FIN), security code, date of the main inspection (HU), eVB number of the insurance (electronic insurance confirmation) and IBAN of the owner are now entered in the order mask in the portal. Now select a free license plate or specify a reserved license plate or license plate.

System automatically checks the data

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<p class= If you would like to use the online service you need an ID card with online function, a PIN and a card reader or a smartphone with AusweisApp 2.

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The data are automatically checked by the system, then you pay, and the application is then checked by a clerical officer who then receives the letter of acceptance, the registration certificate Part I and II as well as the badges for the plates The driver has only limited time, because until the Post arrives with letter and seals, two to three days pass.

On the Internet, the Ministry of Transport explains the prerequisites, the required documents and data, as well as the procedure for the online application for decommissioning, readmission, a change of owner and the first registration of a car. Before October 1, it was only possible to deregister a car or apply for readmission in the same registration area on the Internet.

Those who do not want to register their car on the digital way can, of course, continue their on-site registration competent authority.

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