Godfather of Harlem Trailer – Season 1

This series is about crime, social criticism, equality, mafia, civil rights movement, Harlem of the 60s

  • The series is based on real persons and events
  • The series closes the gap between "Harlem, N.Y.C. -The Price of Power "and" American Gangster "
  • "For Epix's new Godfather of Harlem -a sixties period piece that mixes mob action with civil-rights rhetoric -it's a match made in gritty drama heaven." -Rolling Stone
  • 100% recommendation from journalists at Rotten Tomatoes
  • For fans of: "Cotton Club", "Malcolm X", "American Gangster", "Harlem, N.Y.C. -The Price of Power "," The Sopranos "
  • Season & episodes: 1 . Episodes
  • Length ca. 5 0 min per episode
  • Production Company : ABC Studios / Disney, Epix
  • Premiere: DE 14 . November 2019 MagentaTV USA 29 . September 201 9, Epix

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Picture of Godfather of Harlem – Season 1

Antoinette Crowe-Legacy as Elise

The Story of Godfather of Harlem Trailer – Season 1:
True Facts: "Godfather of Harlem" tells the story of notorious gangster boss Bumpy Johnson. In the early sixties he returns after ten years from custody. The district he once ruled sinks into the heroin swamp. His own daughter is a drug addict. As the streets are controlled by the Italian mafia, Bumpy must make an alliance with the radical preacher Malcolm X to fight the Genovese family and regain power. As of November 14, Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker takes you on the streets of New York as the "Godfather of Harlem."

Forest Whitaker

Chris Brancato, Paul Eckstein, Forest Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi, James Acheson, John Ridley, Markuann Smith

Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein

Film Music:
Mark Isham

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