BVB team council brings Favre to the standard rethinking: Mann- statt Raumdeckung

Ever since Lucien Favre took over the fortunes at Borussia Dortmund, BVB has had major problems with opposing standards fight. The coach stuck to his preferred space cover for a long time. But now the team is said to have retaken the Swiss.

As the "Sport Bild" reports, Favre has after the recent disappointing results with the team council around Marco Reus, Lukasz Piszczek, Mats Hummels, Axel Witsel and Roman Bürki assembled.


The players are said to have moved their coach to change the assignment at enemy standards. Instead of covering the area, BVB reversed a men's match against Slavia Prague and SC Freiburg

"That suits us better, which means that the attention is particularly high," Reus said recently stuck in the "kicker".

BVB keeper Bürki sharply criticized Favre

Last season, Favre was still holding onto his cover. "We defend like 99 percent of the teams – almost every team in Europe plays like that – no team in the world plays man-by-man," the coach defended his tactics.

Favre's clinging to the space cover has already begun April worried for annoyance in the team. "I'm not saying anything more, I've done that often enough," BVB keeper Roman Bürki had said in an interview with "Sport Bild": "Others have to recognize that, it annoys me, but I'm in the game that's not worth the energy to me. "

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