Artistic Gymnastics | World Cup: Nikita Nagornyy new all-around world champion

The footsteps of World Cup Sixth Elisabeth Seitz were too big for Andreas Toba: 24 hours after the surprise victory of the German record champion had the Hanoverian in the all-around final in the world title fights in Stuttgart with the 19th place and 81,640 points content.

Nikita Nagornyy from Russia became the new world champion. The European champion defended his lead on the high bar and won with 88,772 points in front of his compatriot, defending champion Artur Dalaloyan (87,165), as well as second-placed Oleg Vernyayev of Ukraine (86,973).


"The problems with the pommel horse have been irritating, I have not made these mistakes in the past few weeks, but I feel joy and gratitude that I fought my way through to the finals after my many injuries, which would hardly have happened two years ago Someone believed, "said Toba.

Ex-World Champion Xiao Ruoteng was also in a promising position in the title race for a long time before being decisively thrown out of reach by the Chinese. But the tension in the fight for gold was lost in any way. Almost after each round, the lead changed, the gaps between the winning candidates remained extremely close to the end.

Even in the pre-fight, Toba finished 13th better than expected. In front of 7,500 spectators, he did not reach the resplendent Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle on this glittering day.

Toba has to wait for his first appearance for several minutes

Nevertheless he was adopted with great enthusiasm. Toba left the podium with a smile, crossed himself and looked up. The biggest international individual success of the German all-around champion remains in seventh place at the European Championships 2013 in Moscow.

The competition started with problems for Toba. Due to a failure of the results, the 29-year-old had to wait five minutes for his first appearance on the pommel horse. Promptly his exercise was not as spirited as in the qualification, after problems with the handstands he found himself logically with only 12.566 points first on the 24th and last place again.

At the rings found the North German a little better the track and received 13,600 points. Nothing changed for him, however, he continued to rank 24th. Nevertheless, Toba kindly thanked the audience for the vociferous support.

Four German athletes on duty this weekend

And paid back in the third round with a nearly perfect jump. The right fist of the Lower Saxony jerked out and Toba was able to deliver the Red Lantern to Robert Tvorogal from Lithuania in the meantime.

The two-time Olympian took another place with a solid lecture at the bar. He was able to maintain his position on the high bar before finishing on the ground.

For four German athletes the world title fights continue on the weekend. On Saturday, the uneven bars finale with Seitz and the final fight at the rings with Nick Klessing are on the program. Lukas Dauser also reached the medal decision on the bar on Sunday, as did the balance beam Sarah Voss.

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