Boris Johnson: Sister Rachel Johnson accuses him of "tasteless" rhetoric



Rachel Johnson has criticized her brother's rhetoric as "tasteless" and "reprehensible." Her brother is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


The is currently not only because of his Brexit policy in the criticism. But recently strengthened because of his choice of words. MPs in the British Parliament on Wednesday accused him of using terms like "surrender", "betrayal" and "fraud" to exacerbate the already heated debate unnecessarily. "The Prime Minister should be ashamed," said Labor MP Paula Sherriff, for example.


Boris Johnson also outraged his testimony on murdered MP Jo Cox – he cited her as an example to defend his Brexit course. "The best way to preserve the memory of Jo Cox and bring our country together would be to pull through Brexit."


For this he earned massive criticism, including from the widower. The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon described Johnson as "cowardly, dubious and without any thought about the effects of his words and deeds."


Video: The Strategy behind Johnson's War Rhetoric



On Thursday, Johnson's sister was featured on a program broadcast by Sky News and is considered an opponent of Brexit. Her brother uses words like "giving up" and "surrendering" as if the people standing in the way of a Brexit should be "hanged, stretched, quartered, tarred and feathered," said Rachel Johnson. "I think that's highly reprehensible." She does not recognize the version of her brother who spoke in parliament on Wednesday.


She also spoke directly to Boris Johnson's remarks about the murdered Jo Cox. Her brother's words were "particularly tasteless" for those mourning for a mother, a deputy, and a girlfriend.


Rachel Johnson is a respected journalist and novelist, well connected and politically active. She was once a member of the Conservatives, but changed after the Brexit referendum to the pro-European Liberal Democrats. In the recent EU election, she ran for the new party Change UK – but in vain.


She is not the only member of the Johnson family to criticize the policies of the Prime Minister. It was not until the beginning of the month that Boris Johnson's younger brother Jo had resigned from his post as secretary of state and also his mandate as a member of parliament for the Conservatives. He justified the move with the following words: "I have been torn apart in recent weeks between family loyalty and national interest – it is an irresolvable tension."

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