153 meters without rope: extreme climber climbs Frankfurt's "Skyper"




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<p class= The 57-year-old Robert climbs without a net and double bottom.

(Photo: REUTERS)


In just 20 minutes the Frenchman Alain Robert climbs without hedge to the 153 meter high "Skyper" building in Frankfurt's financial district. However, when the "Spiderman" arrives undamaged, not only astonished passers-by are waiting for him.


The extreme climber Alain Robert has caused a stir with a daring rise in Frankfurt's banking district. The French free climber hauled himself up in the morning at the 153 meter high skyscraper "Skyper". He then climbed down the facade again. Arriving at the bottom, the police seized the 57-year-old.

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<p class= Trouble awaited the Frenchman on the ground.

(Photo: REUTERS)


The climbing action was an administrative offense, the police said, and it was also being examined whether the climber had to answer for breach of the peace.The building was initially undamaged, according to witnesses, the Frenchman needed about 20 Minutes for Ascension.

Robert, who is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for climbing, has been arrested in various cities around the world, yet he is not deterred by his climbing tours.

At the beginning of the year, the "Spid The façade climbers who have become acquainted with the erman made a trip to one of the tallest buildings in the Philippine capital, Manila. Recently, Robert also linked political messages with his climbing activities. When he climbed up a Hong Kong skyscraper in August, he unrolled a "peace banner" on the front. In Frankfurt, he apparently renounced political demonstrations.

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